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Voice of Palestine
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How to participate?

Special project "Voice of Palestine", the goal of which is to read all the verses of the Holy Quran
Desire and ability
Your desire and intention to participate in the special project "Voice of Palestine" is important. However, the ability to read the ayats of the Quran is also important.
After registering as a participant in the special project "Voice of Palestine", you will receive a letter (message) from the curator of the project with the number of ayats you need to read and submit.
Personal result
After registering in the special project "Voice of Palestine" you upload an audio file of the verses you have read, the numbers of which were sent to you by the project curator. Our experts and curators will then give you feedback. If your task is marked as "Passed," your audio will be included in the final audio file of the project.
Project result
We hope for the mercy of the Creator in both worlds! We are doing everything in our power to make it the best possible. The result of the special project "Voice of Palestine" will be the entire recitation of the Quran in audio/video format.
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Stages* and timelines* of the special project

Start of the special project
Today, you register and become a participant in the special project "Voice of Palestine"
Deadline for submitting applications
On September 1st, 2024, the registration and audio file submission period for participants will end


The number of stages may change during the implementation of the special project "Voice of Palestine"


We will definitely announce the timeline for publishing the result of the special project "Voice of Palestine" - a single audio file of the Quran recited by the participants.

Registration for the special project "Voice of Palestine"

After registration, project coordinators will contact you.
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The hadith states: "Whoever reads even a single letter from the Quran, (will receive one) good deed and for every good deed there will be a tenfold reward." May the Almighty accept every letter and bestow His mercy in this world and the hereafter.
  • Visam Bardvil
    2nd Surah, verses 282-286
  • Barkhanutdin
    63 Surah, verses 1-11
  • Shakhlo
    33 Surah, verses 48-63
  • Akhmad
    4 Surah, verses 96-111
All readers are participants of the project
In the near future, we will publish a page with all the participants.
We are constantly improving the interface and capabilities of the project. You can already participate as a reader of the verses of the Holy Quran. Thank you for your understanding and participation.