Palestine history
May 14, 1948: The State of Israel is declared, marking the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes.

May 14, 1948

The State of Israel is declared, marking the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes.
Oh, fair citizens, heed this news I bring,
Of an event that set a great upheaval in motion.
On this day, in the year of forty-eight,
A new state was born, with much fanfare and devotion.
The State of Israel, they did call it,
With pride and joy, they hoisted up their flag.
But what of those who lived upon that land,
Whose homes and lives were now uprooted and dragged?
The Palestinians, with heavy hearts and tears,
Watched as their land was taken, their homes destroyed.
Forced to flee from their ancestral grounds,
Their cries for justice drowned, their dreams destroyed.
The Arab-Israeli conflict, thus began,
A tale of bloodshed, sorrow, and despair.
Of two peoples, each claiming the same land,
Locked in a struggle, with no hope of repair.
Oh, how the world does turn, with fickle fate,
And those who suffer most are left to mourn.
The echoes of this event still resonate,
And to this day, the wounds are left unhealed and torn.
But let us not forget the lesson learned,
That violence begets violence, and peace is earned.
May we strive to find a path that’s just and fair,
And heal the wounds of history, with love and care.